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Haiti 2015 - community mission for hope

Along with a lovely group of people like Ana Gissela Patino, Rocio Navarrete, Marita Astete, Maritza Guevara Sanchez, Daniela Albrecht, Fabiola del Valle, and led by Dr. Raymond Pierre, Director of Community Mission for Hope we were in Les Verrettes -Haiti to bring medicines, vitamins and toys, but above al,l our love in the service of children and adults in this town with so much need.
Thank God for the privilege to serve and to His infinite mercy to put these wonderful friends who make things happen, I returned very happy to have participated in this medical mission as a volunteer and I am thinking to back to the next journey already!. Thanks friends! read more

peruvian pride award 2015

More that the economic satisfactions in a magazine with the vision of Real Concepts is the satisfaction to bring information that helps, sometimes change a person's life only by reading  something so profound that cale deep into this person’s spirit and make a reverse action to a lifestyle that may not go anywhere.

Now when the magazine receives a recognition for its work in the founder’s hometown Peru, it is considered a overflowing blessing. read more

STOP human traffickinG walk

Dra. Maria Regueiro-Florida National University and Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, State Attorney, joined forces today to have the first #StopHumanTraffickingWalk.
It was amazing to see everyone marching and making noise to be heard and loudly heard against human trafficking.
Watch out criminals! the community stands up and fight against those who are perpetrating any kind of human trafficking, God give you all time to repent!!.
UNITED, WE CAN DO IT!!! read more

Hebreos 13:3

On December 29, 2015, was held the training for chaplains who visit the prisons by Richard Glau, Former Regional Director of DOC and current Director of GEO. New volunteers joined the Hebreos 13:3's headquarter to receive the appropriate certification to enter the prison and bring the program that has proved to low in a significant percentage, recidivism of prisoners.
Also, we attended the youth correctional representative who is coordinating with our director Ana L Sainz, in the preparation of the program that would prevent our young ending their days in prison serving long sentences.
read more