Deborah R. Slater

Deborah R. Slater, Licensed in Life Insurance, Health and Annuities, worked almost her entire life in the insurance industry.

After developing a close relationship with God through His Son JesusChrist, it fired up a desire in her heart to deliver to the community the values grounded in the Holy Bible through a magazine that is used as a powerful tool of evangelization, impacting not only to families in the United States but also in countries like Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and Spain, more coming soon.

Deborah has three sons Eduardo, Diego and Victor Alberto and two grandchildren Penelope and Lucca, she currently lives in Miami, Florida with her children and grandchildren.




    To be a national and international magazine that aims to reach, rescue and strengthen the values and ethics in the family, the foundation of a healthy society.


    To be an integral magazine for the reader, providing a powerful tool for its high content of spiritual strengthen through interviews and testimonies of life. It also has information on cultural, health, education and jobs fairs, events, places of family entertainment, Real Estate, Immigration and Tax consulting; also will embrace the beauty of our countries contribution to the United States in its cuisine and fashion, Heritage and rich sense of style. 


    At RCM (Real Concepts Magazine) we believe in the importance of the family to continue to grow successfully as a society. We call you today to be part of the RCM's family to help us  rescue  and strengthen those family values through your ideas, articles and / or promoting your company. Contact us Now!


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